Last Updated on : 18/11/2021


About Us

M/s B Vishal & Associates is a chartered Accountants Firm, registered with The Institute Of chartered Accountants Of India (F.R.N.- 020000N). The Firm was established in the year 2004 by CA. Biplaw Vishal & CA. Mukesh Agarwal. Currently the firm is being managed by Six Partners and supported by Associate Firms. Headquartered at New Delhi, the Firm has branches in the state of Uttarakhand at Haldwani and in Bihar State at Darbhanga.

The Firm is empanelled with the The Reserve Bank Of India for as Category-‘I’ Firm and is also empanelled with The Comptroller & Auditor General Of India for various Audit works.

The Firm is a dynamic and vibrant new generation firm with an overall experience of more than 14 years in the areas such as Internal & Statutory Auditing, Consultancy, Company Law Matters, Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax and HR related services. The firm is providing high quality financial and management services. The firm consists of committed Professionals with specialized skills, who while servicing a range of business needs are unified in believing strongly in creating and adding value for clients. With an experience and professional standing, the firm discharges its professional duties towards clients and utmost sincerity and dedication. Our client ranges from individuals, Firms Private and Public Companies, Government Organizations, and Non Profit making NGOs, Corporations with multinational functioning.

We emphasize on the concept that clients should concentrate on their core business activities. Their focus should not be deviated from these core business activities. All the non-core jobs such as Accounting/ Book-Keeping, payroll and other work of similar nature should be outsourced to us to derive the better results at lesser cost.